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Suitable for companies that are owned and managed by more than one person.

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Ready-To-Trade Company

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Pack Overview

Our Printed Pack includes a ready-to-trade company along with all your documents (certificate of incorporation, share certificates and Memorandum and articles of association). The documents will be emailed to you as soon as the company is registered and hard copies of the documents will be posted to you. The share certificates should be signed by a director of the company before they are given to the shareholders.

When opening a business bank account with a company that has more than one PSC, the bank will need to see all the PSCs in person. A PSC is a person of significant control, normally anyone who controls more than 25% of the voting shares issued by a company. The bank will also probably request to see the signed share certificates as well. This package also includes access to a free company administration portal, which helps you to effectively and efficiently manage your company as well as free portal support for the entire lifetime of your new company.

Users, Requirements and Suitability

Our Printed Pack is suitable for all new companies and start-ups that have more than one shareholder. The company is free to start operating and trading as soon as it is incorporated, which means that contracts and other agreements can be initiated even before a bank account is opened.

Pricing and Value for Money

Our Printed Pack gives new companies everything they need to start operating and trading usually within 1 working day. The printed certificates will also enable you satisfy the bank’s request when they ask you for the certificates that allow you to open a bank account, which they are likely to do when there is more than 1 PSC.


Upgrade Option

Every company needs an official address – one that will be the official address of the company and will be displayed on the Companies House website. The home address of one of the shareholders or directors can be used as the official address unless it is a rented address and the landlord objects. When a home address is registered as a registered office, that address is being made public via the Companies House website. The majority of our clients prefer to safeguard their privacy, so we offer a Registered Office Service to help ensure confidentiality and discretion. In the first year of incorporation we also give free service addresses to directors, shareholders and company secretaries of any company using our Registered Office Service. This being the case, you may wish to upgrade your choice to the privacy pack.

What’s Included:

  • New Ready To Trade Company
  • Companies House Filing Fee £50 Paid By Us
  • Digital (PDF) Company Documents
  • Printed Company Documents - UK delivery only
  • Company Administration Portal
  • Web Authentication Code
  • Free Administration Support
  • HMRC UTR (unique tax reference) Number

Optional Free Services:

  • Free Referrals To Business Banking
  • Merchant Account Referral
  • Free Referral To a Payroll Bureau
  • Non Status Bank Account
  • Accountant Referral With Free Initial Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy the Printed Package?

The printed package includes a certificate of incorporation on official paper with the Companies House seal, which we, as authorised agents, are allowed to print. The other documents included in the pack are the Memorandum and Articles of Association and share certificates for each shareholder. The printed documents are sometimes required for overseas contracts and the setting up of offshore subsidiaries and agencies. Finally, we recognise that some clients simply prefer to have hard copy documents in this digital age.

How many shares do I have to issue?

There is no requirement to issue more than one share. Most single-owner-managed companies only issue one share. If there are several shareholders, more shares will need to be issued to represent each shareholder's ownership of the company.

If the existing or first shareholders anticipate that there will be more shareholders in the future, it is easier to transfer existing shares than issue new ones. So additional shares should be issued to the first subscribers. Finally, because it is not necessary to pay the company for all the shares to which you subscribe, it can be tempting to issue a large number (we have seen applications with millions of shares!) This is a mistake because if the company gets into financial difficulty, you can be asked to pay the amount due on the shares into the company for the liquidator to use to settle the company's creditors.

Can you send a company’s printed documents outside the UK?

We can send overseas clients printed sets of a company's documents. We use international couriers for this purpose and charge accordingly.

Do I need to supply proof of ID?

Not necessarily, but it may be possible. We are obliged to verify the ID and address of all our customers and our customers' shareholders and officers where they meet pre-defined criteria. Most of our customers are not affected by the verification process because it is automated and conducted electronically, with a 90% success rate. The information you supply on the order form is usually sufficient. However, if you cannot be verified automatically, we will use the SmartSearch platform to complete our ID checks. In this event, we will send you an invitation by email asking for any additional information and documents we may need. You will be given a choice to upload the documents and information directly to the SmartSearch mobile app or send it to us.

What is a PSC Register?

All companies must maintain a register of Persons with Significant Control of their company. If you order a company through us, we automatically create that register for you and the details are uploaded to Companies House.

A person with significant control (PSC) is someone who owns or controls your company. They're sometimes called 'beneficial owners.

Most PSCs are those who hold:

  • More than 25% of shares in a company
  • More than 25% of voting rights in a company
  • The right to appoint or remove the majority of the board of directors

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