Business Mail Scanned £54.00 +VAT

This service is an upgrade to the Registered Office Service and is only available to users of our Registered office Service. Business post is the term we use for all mail that is not from a government source such as HMRC or Companies House. Typically, business post includes letters from banks, suppliers and customers. As with official post, your business mail will be scanned and uploaded to ShareFile. You will be notified that you have post by email and text (if we have your mobile number). The secure ShareFile facility is hosted by Citrix and provides a convenient way to store your documents. It also saves you having to search countless emails to find a document. Should you wish, you could also email us any other documents you would like stored on ShareFile, and we will upload them free of charge.

Original documents will be held for 1 month and then securely shredded. If you require an original document, then please ask us to retrieve it from our archives within the month. If you need an original, then there will be a handling charge of £3.50 + VAT plus post.

If we receive a document or item that cannot be scanned, then you will be notified. You can then decide how you would like us to process that item.

Please note that we will not handle large parcels, i.e., those that weigh more than 10 kilos or exceed 46 cm x 33 cm x 27 cm.

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