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Business Pack £25.99 +VAT


Including all the benefits in our Privacy Pack, i.e., registered office and service addresses for all officers of the company and official post scanning, our Business Pack also includes a business telephone number.

Statutory post will be scanned and uploaded onto ShareFile, which will notify you automatically when you have new letters to look at. These letters can be accessed and downloaded from anywhere in the world and onto any device with an internet connection, thereby allowing you to view important mail no matter where you are. Statutory post includes mail from Companies House, British Courts and HMRC.

The duration of the business telephone number subscription is 3 months and renewable thereafter at £10 + VAT per quarter. Your calls will be diverted to your private phone, which will save you the effort of making your personal telephone number public. Please note that call redirection is charged at normal rates.

You’ll have an established company that is ready to start trading within 1 working day. It also gives you printed certificates of incorporation, share certificates and printed memorandum and articles of association. You will also receive PDF files of this documentation, along with official minutes of the first directors’ meeting and the statutory books along with the PSC register.

A company director must sign the share certificates before handing them to the shareholders. The bank may ask to see all of the PSCs to open an account, and they will need to see the signed share certificates.

Finally, the Business Pack gives you free access to a company administration portal, thereby allowing you to easily and efficiently manage your business. We also provide free support through the portal for the lifetime of your company.

Users, Requirements and Suitability

Various upgrades are available for this package:

You can have business post management. Business post includes all non-official post and includes letters from suppliers, customers, banks, etc. For £54 + VAT per year, your business post can be scanned and stored on your ShareFile portal. You will receive notifications that you have received post.

This service gives you the use of our Central London office as your main address for business correspondence. All the mail we receive will be sent to you using Royal Mail’s 1st Class service. In addition to the annual subscription, we will also charge you a handling fee of 20p per item of post and Royal Mail’s charges. This service does not include the Registered Office Service, which you should buy separately. The Annual Renewal fee for this service is £84+vat.

Your telephone service can be upgraded to include call answering for £10 + VAT per month. The subscription includes 15 calls per month answered free of charge by our overseas call centre during normal business hours. Additional calls answered will be charged at 35p + VAT per call along with the line charges. Calls will be transferred to you when they have been announced or a message will be taken on your behalf, which will then either be emailed or sent to you via text messages to your mobile.

Users, Requirements and Suitability

The Business Pack is ideal for companies and start-ups that intend to start trading immediately after official incorporation. In order to facilitate this, the pack provides you with an official address that can be published on all trading material along with it being kept on public record at Companies House, as well as a telephone number, thereby allowing you to receive calls right away. Your statutory post will also be dealt with, so everything will be covered to allow you to start trading.

Pricing and Value for Money

Our Business Pack provides everything that new companies need to start trading immediately, including an official registered office address, directors’ service addresses, as well as covering your communication by processing statutory post, along with a telephone number.

What's Included in this package

  • Ready-To-Trade Company Limited By Shares

  • Companies House Filing Fee Paid By Us

  • Digital (PDF) Company Documents

  • Company Administration Portal

  • Web Authentication Code

  • Free Administration Support

  • Printed Company Documents - UK delivery only

  • PSC Register

  • Registered Office Service

  • Officers & Shareholders Service Address

  • Telephone Service

Optional Services

  • Free Referrals To Business Banking

  • Merchant Account Referral

  • Free Referral To a Payroll Bureau

  • VAT Registration Service

  • Non Status Bank Account

  • Accountant Referral With Free Initial Consultation

Free referrals to bank and card merchant accounts

Barclays Bank
Lloyds Bank
Cashplus Bank
Worldpay Bank


How long does it take to form a company?

Just like most formation agents, we use a third-party software system that links our orders directly to Companies House. Once your order is placed, it is automatically forwarded to Companies House. The time taken is entirely dependent on Companies House’s workload. Companies House will normally complete your application within 1 working day. In unusual circumstances, Companies House systems can be interrupted and take more than a day to resolve, but this is very rare.

Do I need to specify what my business is or the objects of the company?

There is no requirement to specify the objects of your company or the nature of your trade in the articles of association (constitution) of the company. However, you will be asked to provide a SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code when you make your application. A drop-down list of all the available classifications is available at the appropriate juncture in the application. You only need to select one code, and it should be the code that is the most accurate. It is very rare to find an exact SIC match, so use a general SIC match if that is all that is available.

What are the charges?

We offer a discount to first time buyers who wish only to buy a basic limited company formation. The basic price is always published and clearly stated but will vary from time to time. There are never any hidden charges. There is a selection of more expensive packages, and there are extra services you can buy. We charge for all the extras, but they are entirely optional.

How many people do I need to form a company?

You need a shareholder and a director. The shareholder and the director can be the same person, so a company can be formed with just 1 person. Shareholders are the owners of the company while the directors are the people responsible for managing a company. The director must be at least 16 years of age.

What documents are required to create a company?

You do not need any documents to form a company, and the entire process is online. Our systems generate and submit forms IN01 and the Memorandum and articles of association on your behalf when you complete your order.

What company name can I use?

Subject to specific rules, you can use any company name, provided it does not already exist or resembles another company name on the Companies House Register. Our name search box is linked to Companies House and will advise you if your proposed name is available.


We are a member of ACRA, the Association of Company Registration Agents. ACRA is the trade body of company formation agents, founded to promote good practice and provide a forum for its members.

Our membership is a statement of our commitment to the professional standards promoted by ACRA and our fellow members.