Lloyds and TSB Business Current Account

When you use our company formation service, you may be given the option to have your new company referred by us to Lloyds Bank. Simply select the option, and your details will be sent securely to Lloyds bank when Companies House has registered your company. The entire system is automated and secure. Lloyds bank will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a meeting with your bank manager.

Lloyds Bank is one of the original “big four” UK high street clearing banks and has branches throughout the UK and abroad. Lloyds is offering up to 18 months of free banking for new businesses and has a host of banking options available for businesses of every size and type.

Terms and Conditions:

Sorry, but if you are not resident in the UK, we cannot offer you a bank account under this scheme.

12 months of FREE business banking

No branch visits required to set up your account

Risk-free and highly secure business banking

18 months of FREE business banking


We are a member of ACRA, the Association of Company Registration Agents. ACRA is the trade body of company formation agents, founded to promote good practice and provide a forum for its members.

Our membership is a statement of our commitment to the professional standards promoted by ACRA and our fellow members.