International Pack

Suitable for our overseas customers, UK address and digital company documents.

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Ready-To-Trade LTD Company

Registered Office Service

Company Administration Portal

Digital (PDF) Company Documents

Pack Overview

This pack is for clients who reside outside the UK. Your company will be incorporated and established within 1 working day. You will be emailed electronic copies (PDFs) of the certificate of incorporation, share certificate and memorandum and articles of association. Our International Pack includes our comprehensive Registered Office Service with free official mail processing.

We have a link to 1 UK bank that offers GBP accounts to UK companies with overseas owners. From time to time, we can also offer other links to banks that offer both GBP and multi-currency accounts to UK companies controlled by non-UK residents. However, each of these banks have their own rules and regulations regarding new clients, so we cannot guarantee a successful referral. Overseas clients frequently open GBP accounts and multicurrency accounts with their own banks for their UK companies.

Users, Requirements and Suitability

Our International Pack is ideal for anyone who is not a resident of the UK but seeks to establish a company here. You will be able to view your statutory post on Smart-Doc, regardless of where you are in the world, which means that you will have full access to every aspect of your new UK company.

Upgrades and additional services

Various additional services are available to overseas users.

If you need hard copies of the incorporation documents, then these can be delivered to you by DHL. Simply add the option onto your order before you go to checkout.

Documents can be apostilled and delivered by courier to assist with overseas legal compliance matters. The post that is scanned can be upgraded to include business post and letters from banks, suppliers and customers.

Pricing and Value for Money

Overseas residents are able to set up a fully functional company in the UK within 1 working day that is completely ready to trade for very little money. The UK is internationally recognised for having a robust legal system and a lack of bureaucracy and red tape, which entails that this country is an ideal place for anyone who desires to establish an international company.

This pack is slightly more expensive than the Business Pack to cover the extra cost of completing Money Laundering Compliance checks on overseas customers.


What’s Included:

  • New Ready To Trade Company
  • Companies House Filing Fee £50 Paid By Us
  • Digital (PDF) Company Documents
  • Web Authentication Code
  • Additional Work On MLR Compliance
  • PSC Register
  • Registered Office Service
  • Officers & Shareholders Service Address
  • HMRC UTR (unique tax reference) Number

Optional Free Services:

  • Free Referrals To Business Banking
  • Merchant Account Referral
  • Free Referral To a Payroll Bureau
  • Non Status Bank Account
  • Accountant Referral With Free Initial Consultation

The No-hassle International Business Account.

Pay employees and vendors, get paid and manage your cash flow in multiple currencies. This is the simplest and quickest business banking solution for eligible non-UK residents.

International payments are made using actual exchange rates without hidden markups. Cheaper than Paypal and old-school banks. Transfer money or use a Wise business debit card. After we have formed your company, we will send you a link with which you can complete your business account application.

Please be aware that a one time fee of £45 is payable to Wise when you start using their business account.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am non-UK resident- why should I have a company in the UK?

  • Taxation: The UK is committed to having low rates of company tax.
  • Low Share Capital requirement: Companies can be set up with a share capital of just £1.
  • Total control of a company can vest in just one person: A company needs only one director and one shareholder, and they can be the same person.
  • Simple Company Formation process: A company can be set up online in as little as 3 hours without paperwork, notaries, lawyers or magistrates.
  • No residency requirements: Directors and Shareholders do not need to be UK nationals or UK residents.
  • Owners protected from debt: The company's debts are not payable by the shareholders.
  • Minimal Compliance and reporting requirements: Small companies are only required to supply the simplest of accounts and do not require an audit unless shareholders insist.
  • The UK legal system is recognised worldwide and assets owned by UK companies are protected by international law.

Do I get printed documents with this package?

No. The package does not include printed documents. The package is priced to keep formation costs to a minimum, and printed documents are not always necessary. If you do require printed documents, you will be given the option to buy them and have them sent by courier (if you are a non-UK resident).

Can I print my company documents by myself?

Yes, you can print off your documents yourself. Your documents are in your portal. Simply log into your account with us, select the required documents, and print them off.

Can I open a business bank account for my UK Company?

There are several banks that will offer you an account for your company even if you are a non-Uk resident. If you are a European resident, you should be eligible. However, like us, each bank must carry out checks to comply with Anti Money Laundering regulations, and if you cannot satisfy those checks, your application will be refused.

There is an alternative to a UK business bank account.

Some non-UK resident clients open business bank accounts for their new UK company - in their own country. Usually, you will be asked to get your company documents apostilled (legalised by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office). Our apostille document service can be purchased in the checkout area after selecting your package.

Will my business mail be forwarded to me internationally?

As part of your subscription, all official government mail will be scanned and uploaded to a SmartDoc portal that will be given to you. You will be notified by email that you have post. You can access your post in the SmartDoc portal at any time. Other general business correspondence can also be scanned and uploaded if you subscribe to our upgrade.

Do I need to provide proof of ID?

We are obliged to verify the ID and address of all our customers and our customers' shareholders and officers where they meet pre-defined criteria.

Most European customers are readily verified, but difficulties can arise for customers based in countries with less advanced ID systems. The majority of non-UK customers are not charged extra for ID verification. Sometimes if a customer cannot be easily verified, we have to make additional checks using the SmartSearch system. This gives rise to an additional fee of £13+vat. You will be given the option of a full refund if you decide that you do not wish to proceed with the additional verification check.For more information, see: Identification Documents Requirements.

What is a SIC code, and can I choose more than one?

SIC is the abbreviation for Standard Industrial Classification. When forming a company, you must supply at least one with your application. When making your order, you will be given a drop-down list of all the SIC codes available from which to choose.

You can supply as many as four SIC codes with your application. They must indicate your company's nature of trade as accurately as possible.

If you do not intend to start trading immediately, you can select the SIC code for dormant companies;99999. The advantage is that this will enable you to ask HMRC to defer the obligation to supply Corporation Tax Returns until the company starts trading. When the company eventually starts trading, you can change the SIC code at Companies House using our company administration portal.

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