Post Box Service £108.00 +VAT

This service is similar to a PO Box service. The upgrade is available to anyone using our basic service and brings the combined annual charge to £108 + VAT per year. In addition to our annual subscription, we charge a handling fee of 10p per item of post received.

All your post will be set aside for you or a third party authorised by you to collect from our office.

Each item of ordinary post mail costs 10p + VAT (12p) to collect, with parcels and signed for items costing 60p + VAT (72p).

Our opening times are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 9.00 am – 5.30 pm (excludes bank holidays and restricted hours on certain days over the December holiday period).

Please Note:

We will not handle large parcels, i.e., those that weigh more than 10 kilos or exceed 46 cm x 33 cm x 27 cm.

Buy Now £108 +VAT


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