Smart Formations Use of Cookies

Our website uses ‘cookies’. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of the cookies detailed further down; but you can disable the cookies and continue to use our website. We do not use cookies to gather information about you from your computer.

Cookies are small electronic text files that are used by most websites to remember users and track their activity on the website. They contain a small amount of information and are downloaded to a user’s device, laptop, etc by a web server when the user visits the website. These cookies remain on the user’s device until they expire or are deleted. The primary purpose of cookies is to save you, the user, time by telling a webserver that you have returned to a specific page.

Cookies are used by browsers for the following purposes:

  • Remembering user names and passwords so that you can log into your accounts easily.
  • Retrieving addresses for invoicing and deliveries
  • Remembering debit or credit cards
  • Keeping users logged into a website when web pages are re-opened
  • Remembering pending purchases in a user’s online shopping basket
  • Tracking sales
  • Analysing user behaviour and trends
  • Improving services and communications
  • Displaying user appropriate advertising.
  • Developing and marketing products and services appropriately
  • Measuring the effectiveness of ads and web searches
  • Optimising websites and making them easier to navigates

Cookies used by smart formations:

The cookies used by us are termed “performance cookies”. These cookies collect anonymous information about the behaviour of visits to our website e.g. the most frequently visited pages, the amount of time spent on a page, the number of users that use links to or from other pages or websites, and the number of sales generated by each page.

It is important to note that these cookies do not collect personal information about you the user and they do not allow us to spy on you. They are simply used to monitor website usage and to improve website performance.

The cookies that we use are as follows:

Supplied by google

  • _utma-this tracks the number of visits you make to our website
  • _utmb-this tracks your activity on our website
  • _utmc-A google analytics cookie which is used for backwards compatibility
  • _utmd-A google analytics cookie which tracks how you arrived at our site.

Supplied by Olark (chatbox)

  • Hblid-a visitor identifier that we use only on your site to remember this visitor between visits
  • Wcsid-a session identifier that we use only on your site to keep track of a single chat session
  • Olfsk-storage identifier that we use to maintain chat state across pages (e.g. message history)
  • _okbk-extra state information (e.g. chat box being open/closed)
  • _ok-most recent Olark site ID (security measure)
  • _oklvthe Olark loader version (for improved caching)
  • _okla-sed for caching purposes (loaded from CDN vs. loaded from our infrastructure)
  • _okgid-group id the visitor is locked to
  • _okac-used for caching by setting a hash for assets to determine if they have changed and if they need to be refreshed
  • _okck-used to test whether the visitor's browser allows cookies to be stored

Deleting, disabling and modifying cookies on your web browser

Cookies can be removed, disabled or modified in your browser. Each browser will give you instructions explaining how you do this. For a clear explanation and instructions please visit